"This biblical counseling degree program endeavors to prepare pastors and church leaders to use the Word of God with compassion and competence to assist their fellow-believers and to train others to do the same."

Dr. Wayne A Vanderwier, Program Director, MABC


The vision of the MABC program is to see godly Christian leaders apply the knowledge and skills gained to provide heart-focused soul-care in and through their own local churches, to assist other local churches in providing biblical sufficiency-based personal ministry, to create church-based centers of biblical counseling and training in the Philippines and other nations, and to assist in the continuing development of Biblical Soul Care Philippines. 

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Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling


Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling Curriculum

Every pastor delights in the weekly opportunity to share the truths of the Bible through his public ministry of the Word. But many pastors have never had the opportunity to learn and practice the equally important skill of the personal ministry of the Word.

So, when Christians have problems, where do they go?

This program, designed for busy pastors and Christian leaders, will not only strengthen their confidence in the sufficiency of the Bible for the ministry of soul care, it will also provide practical tools and experience that will lead them to more effectively address the challenges of life faced by their people.


Join Us for Practical Training in Bible-Based Personal Ministry


Biblical Counseling is simply the ministry of graciously applying the truths of the Bible to the challenges of life.  We believe that real change occurs when people learn to 
understand themselves and their problems in the context of a living, 
vital relationship with Christ. ​


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MISSION STATEMENT                      ​
The mission of the Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling degree program is to train pastors and Christian leaders 
to skillfully use the Word of God in the ministry of personal counseling and discipleship 
(Galatians 6:1; 1 Thessolonians 5:14; Romans 15:14).